Sunday, December 29, 2013

[131212] [ゼロワン] 窓からかすみが見える・・・2

About : 忘れたくても忘れられないあの日に人妻の村崎かすみは傷心を負いながらも夫と幸せに暮らしていた。
English : Purple haze of the married woman was living happily with her ​​husband even while assume the heartbreak that day to remember even want to forget.
One day, haze is to show one image that has been housed in a smartphone from his descent colleague taken together at work. It was the image of "that day" that you want to forget anything.
Kasumi be shocked to revive the memory. Shimoyama go plunged into the trap of lust her while using the complex feelings of haze to Yabuue, a former boss of her that is reflected in the image.
Now, the days of a new passion begins .... This work is a digital video Novell work. Please check the demo trial version format work, play and how operation check.
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