Friday, March 7, 2014

[140307] [ILLUSION] リアルプレイ 初回版 - REAL PLAY | English Patch Out!

Game Info:
  • Game: Real Play
  • Company: ILLUSION
  • Release Date: 7/03/2014
Download Link:
◆ the wake flow of that title, real hard line is! ◆ came back 
work now, it is a hard game play that specializes in the sense of reality by real-time operation. 
Girls of five that appeared in the omnibus of five. 
A public toilet at night, at home, in the basement -. 
Person representation with improved texture and map that was crafted in fine is it! Bring about a sense of reality of the ultimate immersive! ◆ the force to double in! easy operation more intuitive! to add a lot more ◆ The H-scene in the work now You can enjoy the direct manipulation. Or pressed against the wall and grabbed the head of the girl, you can hold the camcorder waist, you can enjoy the extreme hard H play with more realistic and intuitive. ◆ presence! ◆ more than the real thing made ​​in the feel of a material that is ass! Real breasts and swaying softly with improved further I am particular about the drawing of the woman's body representation in the work now. I pursue the softness in the high-density profound knowledge, boobs shakes and plump in the vibration of the massager and Vibe. Buttocks has become soft and more of course. By setting the play Ya this and that, girls having improved presence, you can enjoy the immersive experience like not to be able to taste with reality. ◆ Position in reaction! Various realistic and specific to their circumstances,! ◆ will deliver unprecedented play realistic pursuit of realism limit on the reaction and movement of H in the works now. With an emphasis on consistency with the map, we have prepared a number of motion depending on the situation. The H scene of each girl, there is no motion at all the same as another girl. Motion of the feelings that became real in more extreme, you can enjoy the play hard. 
  • Torrent includes DLC + Cosplay Set addons
  • Real Play Wiki
  • Hongfire Real Play English Patch includes
Note: All mods are optional, so you can select to install only e.g. the uncensors or translations when running the patch.
Official Patches and Downloadable Content:

Mods & Patches:


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  2. this website discuss about Real Play, there English patch here

  3. can you tell me how to install this game in English,please?

  4. I have been downloded this game, but I don't know how to install this game, please tell me how to install this game in english, sir

    1. Use microsoft AppLocale Utility to install.

      Check this post,

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  6. All files had been downloaded but dont know how to install? Please advise......Thanks

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