Monday, January 9, 2012

PiroX FishBot V3.3.1

We decided to update our free old Fishbot for World of Warcraft and here it is. The Free PiroxFishbot v3 is a MemoryReading/Writing based Bot for WoW patch 4.0.6 or 4.2. You can also get the fishing achievements in Dalaran!

Download from multiupload HERE!

+ Multilanguage Bot
+ VERY EASY setup
+ Fish everywhere
+ Fish in dalaran and get achievement
+ Fish in background and minimized
+ Loots BoP Items
+ Use buff
+ Use lures
+ Warning sounds
+ Whisper detection + warning sound and reply whisper
+ LiveLog with bot actions and chatlog with received whispers
+ Random window title (can be changed in config)

Download Bot (.exe SelfExtract) and extract the file
Rename the exe file to anyname.exe
Run World of Warcraft and login to your character
Run Bot
Put 'cast fishing' on a actionslot and bind it to a key in WoW Keybindings and in Bot under Keys - Cast Fishing
Bind a key to 'interact with target' in WoW Keybindings and in Bot under Keys - Interact
Equip fishing rod
Go to a fishing spot and turn to water
Click on button RUN (green button with arrow)

Q: Why does my bot not loot?
A: Key 'Interact with Target' has to be set correct in Bot and WoW -> Keybindings - > 'Interact with Target'. Enable 'Auto Loot' in WoW Interface Options -> Controls.

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