Monday, December 30, 2013

Taiga - Lightweight updater for MyAnimeList

Taiga is a lightweight, portable anime tracker for Windows. It lets you:
See and edit your anime list offline, in a simple and useful interface.
Queue update events even if you are not logged in, so that you can update your list later.
Announce what you watch to Messenger, mIRC, Skype, Twitter or any HTTP address, with customizable messages.
Check new episodes of your favorite series and download their torrents from any source you like.
Use the season browser, which provides a better and more dynamic view on anime seasons than ordinary charts.
Taiga supports pretty much every media player out there and comes with a powerful recognition engine that has a success rate over 9000.

Software still under development but i can say, it's super simple and light.Now, i'm using it over the MALU.
Taiga 1.0 Beta Download

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