Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Leveraging Yahoo! Answers to drive traffic to your site

One Mr. german-dude over at DP posted a link to a’s (site is down presently) pdf file which has advanced tips on making the most of Yahoo! Answers to bring traffic to your niche web site/blog.

Click on the image below to download the report for free:

Click to download free Yahoo Answers Advanced Report report

Matt over there commented:

Since we are giving away secrets I will add one that the report let out. If you use the same URL over and over, yahoo will “ban” that url. You will get a 999 Error. Which they will blame on generic things like spyware or your ISP. But it is because you posted that same link over and over and over and that to yahoo = spam. So use more then one link and rotate them in and out. If you get a link “banned” then use different links to answer questions and it will eventually “unban” the first link.

Just my two cents from trial and error.

Oh heres another I just thought of. I often email my answer to the person that asked the question. I find this effective, and they are more likely to give you the coveted word of mouth referral back. I often get thank you emails back.

And if you can be so lucky as to find the person that is answering yahoo questions just for the fun of it, and you can tell they are. Then you can politely email them and give them your resource and say that you created it so others can benfit and they can feel free to use it. If your lucky they will start answering questions and giving others your link as the answer. This is huge as you just got a volunteer marketer.

And yahoo answers show up in google search results too, and very fast as well. Google bot “probably” crawls there everyday.

Hope you get lots of traffic, I have built hundreds of visitors overnight, and thousands over a week or two. But I am also provinding the information that they asked for too, and relevant info. This is not spam, but providing relvant info, its just a way to provide you site to the people who really want it. And who better to provide it to?

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