Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Agloco viewbar is available for download

Agloco, the get paid to surf program has launched its Viewbar. Viewbar is a small horizontal bar that appears above your windows taskbar (screenshot a little further down the post). Advertisements (text, for now) are displayed inside it and the more time you have it running and the more people you refer to join it, the more money you make.

Below are some screenshots. Sign up for Agloco, log into your account:

Viewbar download link

Once you click on the above button, accept the agreement to download the Viewbar. After installing, run it:

Account Login

Enter Account id, password and Sign in to have the Viewbar appear at the bottom as shown:

Agloco Viewbar

You can do Google searches, launch IE and Firefox favorites from the buttons in the right side. Clicking on down arrow minimizes it to system tray. Double click on the icon to bring it back.

Interested and haven’t signed up yet? Click here. If going by the older AllAdvantage is a sign of things, Agloco should be a decent source of passive income.

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